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                          Welcome to Capama Printing Machinery Co. Ltd. - leading the Mainland China label printing machinery industry and redefining the Made in China brand with a comprehensive range of high-efficiency, low-downtime, user-friendly label printing machines,and a price/performance ratio unmatched in our industry.

                          • State of the Art technology!

                            We do continous research and development to make sure that our customers get the best technology at their disposal. Moreover when we say technology we go all the way!.

                          • Unprecedented quality!

                            When it comes to quality we mean quality without concession. We go the extra mile to make sure we deliver a product not only could impress but with durability in mind.

                          • Satisfied Customers!

                            Our customers are satisfied all the way! We provide on site installation and continous followup and customer service to make sure our customers get the best customer care in the industry.

                          • You are Welcome to Visit!

                            We arrange a weekly factory tour to show our customers witness the magic where it all happens. We believe in transparency where all our customers are in sync with us.

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                          Latest Testimonials

                          • Capama machines have been the backbone of my business since the early 2000s. Ming and Anna are honest, reliable and supportive. I would recommend Capama printing machines to any label printing companies looking to buy in China.

                            Zhuang Wei
                            Zhuang Wei
                            Managing Director, Shanghai Everbright Printing Co.
                          • My experience with Capama has been very positive. I ordered a custom letterpress to suit my company’s unique requirements and was happy to find it delivered in just 10 weeks.

                            Wu Da-yu
                            Da Yu
                            Production Manager, Zhengzhou Label Co.
                          • I run a high-output label printing company serving the beverage industry. I am very pleased with the performance of Capama’s letterpress and screen printing machines. They are real workhorses! Since changing to Capama I’ve been experiencing quicker turnaround time in production (thanks to low downtime) and better print quality, so my customers are happier too!

                            Wang Lei
                            Wang Lei
                            Owner, Hangzhou Fine Label Co.
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